GTM&GA: Reusable Download and Outgoing Link Event

Google Tag Manager has a great feature – setup export and import. That is why it is worth reusing the setup as much as possible – i. e. independent of the CMS used or the specific website. So, how do you set up a universal Download link click event?


10+ Google Analytics Tools & Add-ons

Simplify your work with Google Analytics when testing setup, reporting or exporting the data.

Testing Add-ons

  • Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on — Blocks GA tracking of your computer.
  • Google Analytics Debugger — Test & debug GA code (output to browser console). Chrome browser only.
  • WASP.Inspector — Test & debug several types of codes (incl. GA, GTM, Adwords, Facebook etc.) Chrome browser only.
  • Google Tag Assistant — Test & debug Google services codes (GA, GTM, Adwords, …). Chrome browser only.
  • Event Tracking Tracker — Tracks all GA events and shows in easy-to-read table. List persists even when going to another webpage Chrome browser only.
  • Ghostery — Shows all types of 3rd party codes in a website a option to block then all or one-by-one.
  • BuiltWith — Another spying tool. Shows not just all types of 3rd party codes but much more like server platform, programming language, content management system used etc.

Working with Google Analytics

  • Table Booster  — Enhances table reports with colors and graphs and shows statistical significance (Z-test). Chrome browser only.
  • Statistical Test for Google Analytics — Tests statistical significance withing Google Analytics reports Chrome browser only.

Export data from Google Analytics


Numbers or nonsense?

“Set up the measuring and we will base our decision upon its outcome.”

Logical, isn’t it? The trouble is that single numbers must be read within a certain context, so they can actually make some sense instead of just being confusing.

The majority of the online tools which are able to monitor the behavior of a website’s users offer some wonderful tables and occasionally some graphs. Thus we find it senseless to pay someone to analyze this data and to deduce the consequences and make conclusions.

Why does this not necessarily have to be true? See the examples below.